I loved the dynamic between Ben and David and how far they were willing to go to prove to Sophie that they loved her. The sex was hot and nasty while the romance was tender and real.

- Kelsey24, Barnes & Noble (Nook) Customer



This threesome was introduced in “Tempting Sophie” and I wondered if we’d ever hear their backstory and I wasn't disappointed. It's interesting to see the dynamic of a married couple welcoming in a third lover, a husband to them both, into their relationship.

- Louisa J, Kobo Customer

Zoë Mullins

WINNING CAIT (5 stars)

The importance of Zoe's tale, for me, was showing how Cait can love, be a submissive and maintain her individuality all at the same time. By the end you are convinced, for Cait at least, this is not only possible but that it is the right choice for her, made by her and no one else. Zoe's novel is a fascinating bit of psychology woven into a fun story about coming "home", finding who you are and who you can be complete with a happy ending. Can't wait to read the follow up and spin offs.

- Amazon Customer


​​​WINNING CAIT (4 stars)

WINNING CAIT is a book about love lost and found again. In the beginning of the book, Cait leaves Jackson with his best friend Logan. Instead of the threesome Logan and Jackson had in the beginning, Logan took Cait off to the city with him.

Ten years later, Logan is no longer in the picture, but Cait runs into Jackson. He wants to start their relationship back up, and that includes being her Dom, but after what she experiences with Logan, she's a bit leery about giving Jackson what he wants.

All in all, a good read from a very talented author. I honestly was pretty confused in the beginning as to why Cait took off with Logan and left Jackson; it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Otherwise, an enjoyable read.

- Knotty Review (The Romance Reviews)