They made a beautiful couple. Jenna was tiny, nearly a head shorter than Luke, with thick shoulder-length dark hair that continued to curl no matter how much time she spent straightening it. She had ‘fuck me’ curves—there had never been a more apt term because it was all Eric thought about doing. He fantasized about wrapping his hands around her lush hips, as he slammed into her from behind. Her breasts would overflow his hands as he sucked her nipples into his mouth. He had to swallow a moan.

When it came to looks, Luke was no slouch either. He’d been that lanky, wiry kid in high school, who really hadn’t grown into his own skin until his early twenties. His tan complexion was more golden from the time they’d spent outdoors this summer. Similarly, his shaggy brown hair had been lightened by the sun until subtle tones of copper and blond peeked out from the darkness.

And as well as Eric remembered Luke’s body, its hard planes shaped from much time spent biking and hiking, he knew Luke’s kiss. He knew how he tasted, how he would use his tongue to test then to plunder. Eric’s cock grew hard in his jeans as he watched Luke cocoon Jenna in his arms. A sharp pain stabbed Eric’s heart and he knew it was the same jealousy he’d been living with for weeks. He wanted to be part of that.

Jenna broke the kiss, licking her lips. “Dinner at Pisces is an excellent idea. I’ll just go use the restroom.”

She darted from the office, excited for anything that got them into a public space where the conversation that needed to happen, wouldn’t. That conversation would happen at home. Home. Even though he had his own space, he thought of the two units as one.

“This isn’t going to work.” He looked at Luke, his expression grim.

Luke hung his head back as if he were looking to the heavens for strength. It was a behavior that Eric knew Luke had learned from his mother. He’d seen her do that more than a time or two while they were growing up. Luke looked at him as he crossed the office and wrapped one hand around Eric’s neck. It was one of the few times since he had come back that Luke had touched him.

“How many women have we shared?”

Eric shrugged.

“A half dozen? A dozen? More?”

Eric didn’t need to be reminded. He remembered each encounter since that first time. It wasn’t quite an accident, but Eric hadn’t known Luke had fallen asleep on the sofa until after he’d bent his date over the back of the armchair. He’d just slid inside her when he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye. That was when he’d seen Luke, looking sleepy but wide-eyed, watching them.

Eric hadn’t stopped. He’d fucked her as Luke had watched and, for his part, Luke hadn’t said a word. Afterward, Eric had winked at Luke and guided his date, who had no clue they hadn’t been alone, into his bedroom.

“We didn’t fuck all of them together,” he reminded Luke, but Luke just shrugged. Sometimes one or the other just watched. It depended on how far their date wanted to go.

“And you’ve almost always brought them home,” Luke continued. “You needed it, and you needed me too.”

“We never loved any of them.”

“I know,” Luke whispered, close enough to him now that Eric could feel his breath light against his cheek. “But I’ve always wanted that. That’s where it was always going. So yes, I found her. For me. For us.” Luke’s eyes gleamed with mischief.

Eric couldn’t resist the temptation of having Luke so close. He cupped his friend behind the neck and pulled him the few inches closer he needed to be. He took his mouth in a savage kiss. Luke wasn’t expecting it and it was a moment before he submitted, swayed into Eric’s embrace.

Eric needed this, to take the control back. He’d been thrown watching Luke gaze at Jenna with the same look that he used to reserve for him.

“Do you know how long I’ve waited for you to kiss me?” Luke asked him, pulling away, wiping his lips. “You’ve been home seventy-eight days.”

Eric scrubbed a hand over his face. “We said this would end if we ever fell in love with someone.”

“You mean if we fell in love with someone else, because I’ve always been in love with someone,” Luke argued, narrowing his eyes on Eric. “But now, I love her too.”

Eighty-One Days

Copyright Zoë Mullins 2017

ISBN# 978-1-78651-607-7

Zoë Mullins

Romance Author