Zoë Mullins

Romance Author


A misfit in proper society, Lady Georgiana will risk her future for a night of pleasure with Captain Wrath. 

Lady Georgiana Knolls is a misfit in proper society - only there because her brother insisted she have a 'season' and learn what it means to be 'a lady.' The rules and etiquette forced upon unmarried women of her class are stifling and she breaks them more often and more publicly than is wise. 

Which is how she meets Captain Wrath. His arrogance and confidence is nearly a match for her own and for a chance of pleasure with him, she will risk the future she's been waiting for. 

After years at sea, Captain Wrath is ready to resume the mantle of the Earl of Rathbridge. His first good deed? To save his best friend's sister from blackmail by offering her the protection of his name... as her fiancé. The faux betrothal turns real when he realizes she is the same beauty who's been sharing his bed since his return. 

​The Earl is ready to take things right but to do that he will have to unmask a blackmailer, convince his best friend that he is suitable marriage material for his beloved sister, and prove to Georgie that becoming his wife won't stifle the independence she craves. ​

Preorder May 29th