Zoë Mullins


Ben says he's willing to do whatever it takes to win back Sophie's love, but what if it's not enough. What Sophie needs will push Ben out of his comfort zone, and onto a whole new level of trust.

Deacon wasn’t the jealous type. Sharing his sub had been part of their relationship, especially before they were married. Then Deacon and Sherri met Kai, the intriguing ex-Air Force Captain turned tattoo artist and they offer him an invitation to their bed.

Kai didn’t care if people thought he was gay, but having his father – the Colonel – shame him publicly for it was more than Kai could take. He moved across the country to start an honest life. He didn’t expect that life would include a new relationship.

He isn’t sure where he fits into Deacon and Sherri’s relationship – they didn't need a bisexual Dom with a chip on his shoulder… or did they?

Reader Advisory: Grab a glass of wine, sit back and relax. This story has two hot Doms and their pampered sub -tonight no one is going to bed unsatisfied. Graphic sexual language and scenes are to be expected. (BDSM, MMF and MM scenes)

When Jackson walks into her studio it's like the years and mistakes that separated them just slip away.Fate has given them a second chance. He will use it to win her submission.


Sexy. Smart. Successful. Sayid should be happy but he doesn't understand what that means until he meets her. Dani isn't what he's looking for, but she may be just what the uptight doctor needs.

Trouble was Travis' middle name, and he had dragged Matt into enough of it over the years. Now that Travis is staying with Matt and his girlfriend, there's no telling the trouble the three of them will get into together.