Zoë Mullins

Romance Author

For the last year, Fiona and Matt have been inseparable. He is the calm to her storm and she is head-over-heels in love with him. The only downside? Rumors that Matt and his best friend, Travis, used to share everything, including their dates. This wasn’t an issue when Travis lived two thousand miles away, but now Travis is back in town.

Travis knows coming home and seeing Matt in a new relationship won’t be easy. Fiona is witty and sassy, and good god but she has the most amazing body. Seriously, how is Travis supposed to resist when Matt keeps suggesting having both of them in his bed? He isn’t thinking straight when he finally agrees—of course he wants to share Fiona with Matt. Travis expects her to say hell no, but then he sees the spark of interest in her eye.

Reader Advisory: This novella has graphic language and sexual scenes—no closed bedroom doors here! And you may want to knock before entering the kitchen, the living room or the foyer. (MMF scenes)

Previously published by Ellora's Cave